Exterior & Interior Painting Specialists

Company Information:

Park’s Painting & Cleaning is a reputable painting company that has been in business for over 25 years. Mr. and Mrs. Park, the founders, started off with a humble beginning as a painting/cleaning couple. Their attention to details and over the top service gained them the trust and respect of a long list of clientele. Now, as a company, Park’s Painting is continuing to offer superior service, exceptional quality, and quick response to wide spectrum of customers. We are persistent in maintaining a superior level of excellence through trained and experienced painting professionals at a reasonable price.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the most professional, skilled and responsive painting operation in the marketplace. Everything we do is focused on developing a loyal base of lifelong clients. We understand that this loyalty can only be earned through both the quality of our workmanship and the conduct of our staff.

3 Codes of Conduct:

  1. Be Courteous and Honest.
  2. Be Organized and Professional.
  3. Always look for ways to improve and offer better service.